Garden of Hope and Remembrance

In a quiet corner of Christofaro Park, away from the tennis courts and basketball courts, the Garden of Hope & Remembrance is being constructed. Volunteers have been instrumental in constructing the foundation, a sitting wall, and plantings. The garden will feature boxwoods, azaleas, hydrangeas, and many beds with flowers that have been selected for blooms throughout the seasons. A sculpture is also planned for the garden as. Katie was an artist, and the family hopes some of Narragansett’s young artists will provide some ideas and/or proposals.

So far, all of the labor and materials have been donated, but to complete the park. The Foundation can’t expect the unlimited support to continue, however. So, it’s selling bricks to go on the facing of the sitting wall and on a path leading to the garden’s more formal section. The bricks are $50 each and contain up to three lines of text, with a maximum of 14 characters per line, including spaces.


If you would like to help by purchasing a brick, click here for more information.