About Us

In October of 1999, Katie DeCubellis was a 13 year-old, eighth grade student at the Pier School in Narragansett.  On October 29th, a drunk driver tragically killed Katie and Marsha Bowman.  The Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation (“KDMF”) was established in Katie’s memory.  Katie was a student athlete who excelled in both school and life.  Even at such a tender age, Katie had already developed a passion for helping others and performing community service.  The KDMF continues her legacy by promoting youth leadership, supporting education, and generating public awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and substance abuse.

In pursuit of its objectives, the KDMF awards annual scholarships and has produced a video series on responsible driving. The videos are distributed and utilized by driver education instructors and other agencies throughout the state. As part of the KDMF’s public awareness campaign, John and Meg DeCubellis, Katie’s parents, have spoken to over 9000 students and parents over the past year about the importance of making responsible decisions.

The KDMF is also currently contemplating and developing other long-term ventures in pursuit of its objectives.  Maybe Katie, Marsha, and other similar victims sacrificed their lives so that our highways will be safer and others might live.  Maybe their dreams were extinguished so others can fulfill their own dreams.  If the efforts of the KDMF and all of its supporters can in any way enhance or save just one life, then Katie and Marsha’s deaths will not be in vain.  The KDMF continues to share, pay tribute to and celebrate Katie’s life. “Her life still shines…”.

We appreciate your support and without it we would not have gotten this far. You can send future donations to: 

Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 3188
Narragansett, RI 02882